The Project

The world is in the grip of an obesity crisis. In 2012, over half (52%) of the European adult population was overweight (30 – 70%) or obese (10 – 30%), and the figures continue to rise. Obesity has doubled over the past 20 years in many Member States, with big variations between countries. Studies show that there is a strong correlation between these numbers and people in lower socioeconomic groups, as they prove more likely to struggle with obesity.

The causes of obesity are complex; they include biology and behaviour, and are firmly set within an environmental, social and cultural framework. Studies show that the environment we live in is a key influence on the decisions that people make about their lifestyle. More than a million people die each year because of obesity-related diseases in the WHO European region.

With this information, the Weight Matters project has been developed to lower obesity numbers and increase EU-citizens health in the future. Weight Matters takes a new adult education approach to weight loss and control, and will pilot effective ways to manage and cope with the challenges of living in an obesogenic environment. Weight Matters will offer a unique set of solutions, with coaching and mentoring at its core, to support adults to develop their own weight literacy and learn to shift their mind-sets in order to manage weight loss.