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Welcome to the Weight Matters eGuide!

The eGuide will enhance your practical delivery of the Weight Matters Training Programme and Health Mentoring Circles. The pilot test of the training and Circles was carried out with approximately 300 adults with a collective aim of manging their weight and health. This eGuide shares their personal experience of the piloting and the experience of the facilitators. The abundance of supplementary material e.g. websites, books, articles, apps and podcasts will be useful to support your own delivery.

The Weight Matters training programme has been built upon four modules:
1. Confidence and NLP for weight control
2. Self-hypnosis and mindfulness
3. Healthy living
4. Weight literacy

The above modules aim to increase participants’ awareness that food and exercise are not the only components of a healthy life. This guide will develop an awareness of mental and emotional challenges that people face when attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.

We really hope you enjoy this eGuide and enjoy delivering the programme as much as we did!

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