Weight Matters Press Release

What is the Weight Matters Project?

Europe is in the grip of an obesity crisis; in 2012 over 52% of European adults were overweight or obese. Worryingly this figure is expected to continue to rise. The causes of obesity are complex, they include biology and behaviour and are firmly set within an environmental, social and cultural environment. The Weight Matters project considers a range of factors including the role of processed food and sugar and how ‘obesogenic’ environments often found in cities encourage unhealthy eating and inactivity.
The Weight Matters project aims to combat these issues by developing a strengths-based training and mentoring programme that supports individuals wishing to better manage their weight as well as adult educators, health workers, coaches and mentors to empower themselves or their clients. This will in turn lead to more sustainable weight management based on a change in mindset rather than (often dangerous) crash or fad diets.

What is happening with the project now?

The Weight Matters partnership with partners from Greece, Italy, Malta and the UK have finalised a well-investigated research report detailing the situation of obese and overweight adults in each of the partner countries. This research confirmed:

  • The need for nutritional information & comprehensive weight management programmes including coaching for behavioural change;
  • The challenges that overweight people face when trying to control their weight;
  • The value of group coaching, positive psychology and mindfulness for weight management;
  • The benefit of using digital tools for further support.

These findings have formed the base for development of the Weight Matters Training Programme and Health Mentoring Circles™, consisting of face-to-face training, mentoring and support as well as access to an innovative e-Learning Platform with modules which have been specifically designed for this project. Both trainings will start in Autumn 2018 and are now open for registration!
For more information and to register, please contact [insert name and email address].

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