Stacey Abela

Stacey Abela, the sole owner of the innovative local scent sensation – My Melts, is a highly passionate and dedicated single mother of four children, who is now a humble role model and an inspirational figure to many aspiring women.

The turning point in her career began when she started manufacturing candles. She genuinely wanted to help others feel more at ease, relaxed or de-stressed by her products but realised that they were not having the effect that she had initially hoped for. Therefore, her mission to create the most effective handmade product with natural fragrances and oils had sparked. Many years of research, testing and an aromatherapy diploma under her belt, Stacey has successfully unlocked the mysterious nature of fragrance. Now she not only sells products made to the most refined degree by hand at My Melts, but also sells tailor-made blends on consultation basis through My Remedy as well as educates her clients on how best to use their product in order to get maximum benefits, and the reaction has been absolutely jaw-dropping!

Striking a perfect balance between serious business woman and loyal understanding friend, just like her irresistible heart-shaped melts, she is bound to leave a positive impression on you too!