Olga Kounari

Olga Kounari, MS, RDN is a Clinical Dietitian- Nutritionist specialized in adult, adolescent and childhood weight management. In 2003, Olga earned her first degree in Nutritional Science and Dietetics from Harokopio University of Athens. Following her graduation, Olga was granted the Fulbright Scholarship and continued her studies in the US, at New York University and NYU Medical Center. In 2007, she received her master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition and became a Registered Dietitian- Nutritionist by the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Her training in weight management protocols began in the US, where she acquired knowledge and experience in nutrition coaching, mindful eating & the eating competence model. In 2006, she was awarded the AAND Certificate of Training in Adult, Adolescent and Childhood Weight Management.

Coming back to Greece, Olga worked in multiple clinical and educational settings, mainly hospitals and universities, and since 2008 she’s been coaching individuals seeking weight management in her private practice. In 2015 she founded the non-profit Mathaino Diatrofi (Learning to Eat Right) aiming to promote balanced eating and prevent obesity and chronic diseases through targeted education and awareness initiatives.