Mark J Farrugia

Mark J Farrugia, a scientist by profession, has worked in Biochemistry and Nutrition Laboratories. With 35 years experience in Body Composition assessment and manipulation, for his MSc dissertation, he has designed a specific fitness programme for children which reduces obesity at an alarming rate compared to the common more popular fitness programmes. Mark is not only a Strength & Conditioning specialist graduate from a UK university and a High Performance Olympic coach graduate from USOC Colorado Springs but also lectures at coaching courses. Qualified as an IAAF Academy Coach by Kenyatta University, he has also specialised in Track & Field disciplines with success not only for top Marathon runners but also other distances up to World and Commonwealth finalists. Most of his successful athletes are females so it was not a surprise that Mark developed an U18 Bronze medalist female also in a Weightlifting Commonwealth Championship. Mark, also assists males with body composition manipulation either for physique shows or for weight category sports. Being a qualified by MFA as a Physical Trainer, he has assisted a number of footballers especially with developing speed.