Janice Balzan

I am Janice, a certified aromatherapist, complementary therapist, massage therapist and reflexologist and proud graduate of VTCT having a few diplomas under my belt.

I have a passion for aromatherapy and its role in well-being. I love creating natural products and blends using high quality essential oils and other natural mediums that can be used as part of a holistic treatment. As a therapist, I understand that we are all unique, therefore most of my blends are tailor-made with the individual’s needs in mind. These blends can be offered as a complementary, or alternative treatment. I also enjoy creating natural skin care products.

The use of essential oils have helped me personally with both stress and relaxation, however they are beneficial for so much more than this, as they work on both the emotional and physical wellbeing of our bodies.

I strongly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself and both massage and reflexology help facilitate the process.

I respect Western medicine, but I also strongly feel that there is room for a more eastern approach with holistic health therapies that allow our bodies to perform optimally.

Join me on my journey and see how a holistic way of living can enhance your wellbeing.