Dr. Luana Romeo

Luana graduated in Dietetics at the University of Catania in 2011 and had a Master’s Degree in “Health care professions” at the University of Milan in 2016. She is an ANDID member and ANDID Regional Representative for the Sicily region.

She studied PNEI system (Psychological Neuro Endocrine Immunological Approach) and group therapeutic education. She has a IACP (Italian Association of Professional Coach) diploma of Professional Coaching and Mental Trainer.

Since the beginning of her activity, Luana collaborated with the Food Science and Dietetics and Diabetology Departments of the “Cannizzaro” and “Garibaldi” Hospitals in Catania. She is a University lecturer for the “Nutrition in the different stages of life” course and tutor of the training activities of the University course for Dietitians at the University of Catania.